5 Things to Look for In a Personal Sports Coach


The world of sports is more competitive than ever. Athletes are bigger, stronger and faster than decades past. In order to gain a competitive edge over the competition, many athletes contract the services of a personal sports coach to assist with development of sport specific skills.

When selecting a personal sports coach there are 5 keys to look for to ensure you’re making a great selection.

1. They’re Professional

You want a personal sports coach that is professional. Professionalism includes being on time and prepared for workouts. This includes developing a program that utilizes a graduated progression. The program should take you from your current level of knowledge and skill towards positive improvements against predetermined goals.

2. Demonstrated Knowledge of The Desired Sport

The personal sports coach must be extremely knowledgeable of the fundamentals of their respective sport. This includes philosophy, strategy and a holistic understanding of concepts necessary to be successful in the game. Its always a plus if the coach has played the sport at a high level, as you can be sure their knowledge of the game surpasses most.

3. Ability to Communicate Effectively

The personal sports coach selected must be an exceptional communicator to be able to relay sports concepts effectively. A knowledgeable coach without the ability to communicate messages in an easy to understand manner will not ultimately benefit you in the long run as they won’t be able to transfer their knowledge in a way that gets results.

4. Previous Coaching Experience

When searching for a coach, there’s no substitute for experience. One of the most important things to look for in selecting a coach is previous coaching experience. You want a coach with a proven track record of success coaching athletes in your desired sport. Previous experience and success is a tremendous indicator of future success as you begin your training.

5. They’re Passionate

Passion is a common trait that all great coaches possess. You want to find a coach that is passionate about the game and teaching others how to play the game to the best of their ability. Coaches that are passionate are most often enthusiastic as well – which creates positive energy during training sessions. Positive energy and enthusiasm is of the utmost importance when creating a positive learning environment.

While there are many important traits to look for in a personal sports coach, the list above gives you a great starting point to make an informed decision when selecting a coach.

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Nathan Daniels

Nathan Daniels is the owner of Daniels Performance Enhancement, a personal training and sports performance company that specializes in getting you to the next level in fitness. Daniels is a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Certified Speed, Agility and Quickness Trainer, specializing in sports performance training for athletes of all sports.