Are you ready to beat out the competition on the field next season? At Daniels Sports Performance, we specialize in sports performance training for baseball & softball players. Our baseball & softball performance training emphasizes strength, speed, power, first step acceleration as well as lateral acceleration. 

Our training programs for baseball & softball athletes focus on:

  • Increasing Throwing Speed

  • Swing Speed Optimization

  • Improving 60 times

  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Drills

  • Position Specific Programming


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Individual Baseball & Softball Training

Each and every athlete is different. That's why we focus on developing personalized training programs to meet the specific needs of baseball & softball athletes to help them reach individual goals. Not only do we focus on improving speed, agility & quickness, we also work on functional movements & game play scenarios to increase game IQ - a true differentiator for any athlete on the field of play. We also offer small group training sessions to test training results in a controlled, competitive environment.

Typical Baseball & Softball Training Session Format

  • Athlete briefing to set the day's goals, objectives and activities

  • Dynamic stretching and flexibility

  • Form Running

  • Interval Conditioning

  • Resistance Training

  • Core Work

  • Sports Specific Drills

Testimonials for Daniels Sports Performance

My 13 year old daughter plays softball (travel and school) and trained with Coach Daniels over the winter. She had a noticeable improvement in her speed which was even commented on by her coach. Coach Daniels’ systematic training approach definitely got the results we were looking for. Thank you Coach Nate!
— John, Parent
Coach Nathan is great with my son. My son loves how coach pushes him and helps him excel in the game he loves. I like it that Coach is able to get on my son’s level to help him achieve his goals.
— Tanya, Parent

Baseball & Softball Training for Teams


Our trainers are certified in strength, speed and agility with extensive baseball & softball knowledge. We develop specialized training programs for teams to improve conditioning and speed in a competitive environment. We make it fun for teams to improve overall athletic performance while fostering teamwork & accountability. 

Services for Teams

  • Team Training & Conditioning Camps

  • Off-Season Conditioning Programs

  • Weight Training

  • Position Specific Camps

  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Camps

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